Flame Retardant Fabric


We are China’s leading manufacturer with decades of experience in Flame Retardant Finished Fabrics for Workwear. Our goal is to create ultimate protection for the market.
Fabrics combine versatile performance with outstanding comfort, appearance, and durability. All produced in of the most modern bleaching, dyeing, printing, and finishing facilities in the world.
Its extensive range protects against specific or multiple hazards, including fire, heat, static electricity, sparks, metal splash, chemical splash, electric arc, crude and mineral oil, acid solutions, poor visibility, foul weather, and wind and low temperatures.

These products are designed to provide functionality and durability over the course of a long working life while maintaining their impressive properties after repeated washings and wearings. Thus, they stay looking smart, helping to enhance an all-important corporate image.

Workwear is something we consult on for many different industries, including Healthcare, Heavy Industry, Light Engineering, Food Processing, Retail, Distribution, Defence, Hospitality, Travel, Utilities, Public Sector, and Emergency Services.

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