A sustainabel production

Keeping an eye on our environmental impact is central to our culture and business practices. Our sustainability strategy is integrated into all aspects of the business. Because of this, we strive to improve the environmental performance of our operations continually and ensure that the benefits of these improvements are communicated to our customers.


Cogeneration provides 60% of our total electrical needs (4MW). By using this method, we can utilize steam otherwise wasted during the manufacturing process.


  Water is recycled wherever possible, and any liquid by-products are neutralized before discharge into an on-site effluent treatment plant. Biological wastewater treatment 40.000 m³/week


LEVITEX performs far better than China requires. The CO2 emission limit set for LEVITEX is about 43,833 tonnes/year (= 1.09 kg per metre of fabric), while emissions produced during 2021 were less than 35,000 tonnes/year (= 0.89 kg/m).


In order to further reduce its impact on the environment, LEVITEX has recently replaced traditional lamps with LED lights. In addition to being eco-friendly, LED lights are safer, more durable, energy efficient, and more cost-effective. This change allowed the company to save 1470 MWH per year as well as reduce CO2 emissions by 520 tons each year.


The air that we expel is constantly filtered and purified by advanced air extraction systems throughout our facility. By doing so, we ensure that no potentially harmful substances are released into the air.


For environmental management, LEVITEX is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and to REACH for chemical control. 

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