Cotton / Nylon (C/N)
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Stand on EN11611, EN11612, NFPA2112, etc.
These products are designed to provide functionality and durability over the course of a long working life while maintaining their impressive properties after repeated washings and wearings. Thus, they stay looking smart, helping to enhance an all-important corporate image. FR fabric is something we consult on for many different industries, including Healthcare, Heavy Industry, Light Engineering, Food Processing, Retail, Distribution, Defence, Hospitality, Travel, Utilities, Public Sector, and Emergency Services.

C/N FR Fabric Products

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In the cases of 88/12 FR Fabric, it’s a very small amount blended or woven tightly on the inside of FR Cotton Fabric. The combination produces an excellent product for maximum protection. Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is made from polyamides. It is a thermoplastic and can be melted down and reformed multiple times, making it a good choice for clothing that needs to be flame-resistant. However, if too much nylon is present in the fabric, it can make the fabric more flammable. That’s why the 88/12 FR Fabric is a good choice for safety clothing- the small amount of nylon woven into the cotton fabric makes it flame-resistant without making it too flammable.