FR Fabrics

Get instant quotes on the custom FR fabric. Produce CVC(Polyester/ Cotton),
Stand on EN11611, EN11612, NFPA2112, etc.
These products are designed to provide functionality and durability over the course of a long working life while maintaining their impressive properties after repeated washings and wearings. Thus, they stay looking smart, helping to enhance an all-important corporate image. FR fabric is something we consult on for many different industries, including Healthcare, Heavy Industry, Light Engineering, Food Processing, Retail, Distribution, Defence, Hospitality, Travel, Utilities, Public Sector, and Emergency Services.

CVC FR Fabric Products

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Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) is the rating of a garment’s Arc burn protection capability. The higher the ATPV, the more protection the garment gives because it has a higher resistance to catching on fire. The ATPV is expressed in calories per cm2 and represents the thermal exposure from an electric arc that will create a second-degree burn in human tissue. If the ATPV cannot be calculated because the fabric breaks open, the energy causing the fabric to break open is expressed as the Energy of break threshold (EBT). The higher the value, the greater the protection the garment offers.