What Are The Natural Fire Retardant Materials?

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Fire retardant products have transformed the way people live. From construction materials to clothing, furniture, furnishings, upholstery, and drapes, these materials help prevent the spread of fire, saving valuable human lives and property. Fire retardant material comes in many forms and materials, and it is important to understand the difference to evaluate their effectiveness and […]

Is Nylon Fire Retardant?

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All fabrics are inherently prone to burning, some quicker than others. While some materials are more resilient when exposed to flame or heat, they eventually burn if untreated. In industrial settings where the workforce is exposed to flame, the risk of burns is high, and hence it is imperative to take measures to ensure employee […]

How to Get a Fire Retardant Certificate?

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Fire retardants offer an important protection layer by helping to avert and slow the spread of fire. These materials effectively stop and suppress combustion to reduce the heat released from fire and can help prevent it from spreading. While fire retardants are manufactured commercially on a large scale, unfortunately, some materials available in the market […]

How Long Does Fire Retardant Clothing Last?

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Fire retardant clothing is an essential safety requirement in settings and instances where there is a high probability of exposure to heat or fire, increasing the likelihood of fire-related incidents or injuries.  While this clothing is highly beneficial for its users, it is only effective as long as it retains its fire retardant properties. If […]

How To Test Flame Retardant Properties in Fabrics?

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Statistics show that one of the major reasons for fatalities in the event of a fire is the accidental ignition of textiles. Therefore, there is a need for proper flammability standards that can be verified through the conduction of flame retardant fabric testing. It has become a critical safety implication to decrease the likelihood of […]

Flame Resistant VS Flame Retardant Fabric: What’s the Difference?

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Burn-related injuries are common in industrial workplaces, particularly in the oil and gas sector or jobs related to ironwork like welding, etc. While companies take extensive measures and implement strict controls and regulations to safeguard their workplace against fire hazards, accidents can happen anytime.  The resultant burn injuries are not only painful but take a […]

Brominated Flame Retardant: Function and Effectiveness for Protection from Flame

Brominated Flame Retardant Chemical

Brominated flame retardant plays an effective role in meeting key safety requirements and protects individuals and property from the grave impacts of fire in various settings and situations. It provides a longer response time, allowing individuals to escape or extinguish the fire, thus curtailing the damage or harm that can be caused by a fire. […]